Lionel Licorish: Hero of the 1928 SS Vestria Disaster

William Jackson Hall & Family

Mercer County, W.Va., history

Men Around the Mines - Post-Herald 1952-53

The Irish in West Virginia (2023 update)

Erasing History: The West Virginia Mine Wars

Noted African Americans with a West Virginia Connection

Frank Albanese of Beckley, W.Va.

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Raleigh County nurses & the Army Nurse Corps

The Disappearing Bride: Rachel Carter (UPDATE)

Lilly Reunion 1930 - Newsclips

Easter Words and Symbols - 2022

Dr. and Mrs. Stokes of Hinton, W.Va.

Three Civil War Veterans Dine Together

Henry B. Eskew: Older than the W.Va. hills

Mintie and Pearl Richmond

Diphtheria: The Strangling Angel

Dear Santa: 1929 - Letters from Summers County kids

The death of George W. Bennett in Webster County, W.Va.

Asbury Parker: Escape from Slavery

The Rev. Alfred L. "Alf" Cole and family

Two Hinton Boys (Clyde A. Johnson and Hume Nowlan)

The Death of Jane Graham of Monroe County, W.Va.

Ethel Alice Carr Watson of Wood County, W.Va.

Eliza Baldwin of Fayette County, W.Va.

Lilly Family Nicknames 2021 Update

Terry and Vincent

Native American Mothers: Granny Radford, Misniah Canaday Underwood & Jane Hubbard Rakes

Cabin Creek Flood of 1916

Supernatural West Virginia

West Virginians Who Died On D-Day​

​Burleigh McNeill: Stonemason and ‘20th Century 
cave dweller’

The Via Twins: Isaac and Jacob and Their Families

The Sixth Child? Columbus and Malinda Vest had five children who lived to adulthood. But there may have been a sixth child.

The Vests of White Oak Mountain - Updated Sept. 8, 2020.

The Last Gathering. Vest reunion, August 1978.

George and Mary Clayborne family

Arthur Bee Lilly: Casualty of Prohibition

The Death of B.L. Vest

Orval Elijah Brown of Clay County, W.Va., 
The Original Hippie

Virgil Frederick Miller & Virgil's Newsstand

Billy E. Richmond: Richmond District Historian

West Virginia Schools

W.G. Harris: A Mercer County Murder Mystery

Party at Annie’s House (Gadd reunion)

Elkhorn School Disaster: McDowell 1938

Louise Wright Goldston: Raleigh County teacher

Dr. Eva Teter Hammer

Henry I. “Hick” Garretson

Miss Susan Warner & Family

Uninvited Guests

Homecoming: The New Salem Missionary Baptist Church

Making Apple Butter on White Oak Mountain

Wesley Leroy Loughry 1940-1946

"The Bent Mountain Murder" by George B. Martin