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Updated July 2, 2018

  • Photo of Charles Leslie Barker of Morgantown, W.Va., and friends, 1930s. Charles BurnsworthCharles Barker and Bob Welch. Charles Barker (born 1925) was a son of William Wellington Barker and wife Margaret "Margie" Johnson. Charles married Annabel DeWitt. Charles' sister Jean Barker married James Edward Carroll of Ashland, Ky.
  • SNAPS -- Photos collected by Dorothy Carroll of Ashland, Ky. Album 1: Bostick, Cales, Canterberry, Canterbury, DeBord, Dooley, Felts, Hensley, Keeton, Leedy, Newland and Van Fleet. Album 2: Surnames include: Allen, Anderson, Cales, Canterberry/Canterbury, Carroll, Davidson, Davisson, Fearing, Freeman, Hanshaw, Justus, Keairns, Keeton, McClelland, Myers, Rice, Richardson, Riley, Russell, Stewart, Todd, Vose and Wells.
  • Kodak-Album -- Photos circa 1920s that were probably collected by Walter John "Stubby" Carroll or his wife Anna Dale Russell. But I don’t know who the other people are. Please e-mail me if you can ID anyone or have information about the locations. The Carroll family was from Carter and Boyd counties in Kentucky. Carroll Album 1 - link to pdf in Dropbox.

Carra Sullivan Russell (1869-1949) of Ashland, Ky., was the wife of Harry H. Russell. She was a daughter of William Parker Sullivan (1841-1920) and wife Sarah Elizabeth Wright (1843-1884) of Bracken County, Ky., and granddaughter of Mary Ann Hitch Wright (1818-1905) and William Wright (1813-1846). Carra passed along the following family histories and papers:  

  • Sullivan Family of Kentucky  A handwritten record of the Sullivans. Pdf in Dropbox. 
  • The Hitch Papers (The Carroll Collection). Pdf in Dropbox. Family members of Robert Hamilton Hitch of Pendleton County, Ky., have carefully preserved his letters and diary entries from the 1800s. The Hitch Papers includes:  1. Misc. papers. Included are an 1833 receipt to Joseph Hitch from A.G. Hodges for payment of $3 for a year’s subscription to The Commonwealth; an 1830 receipt to Joseph from William Wright for $2 on a school bill. 2. Hitch Genealogy, a three-page history written by an unknown descendant of Robert Hitch. 3. Letters to Robert H. Hitch from William B. “Will” Vickers, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Carr Bundy, and John Phoebus.4. A letter to Elizabeth "Betsy" Tull from Rachel Hitch Wandelohr. The document includes a biography of William B. "Will” Vickers.

A photo and biographical information on Robert H. Hitch and Robert's diary entries from Civil War times (shared by Harold Donovan Hitch of Covington, Ky.) are in Issue 9 of Mike Hitch's Hitch Family Newsletter (1997)  Main newsletter link.  Hitch Genealogy link.