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June 14, 2021.

Martin -- origin of surname. (Eng.; Fren.; Ger.) root word Martinus (Late - medieval - Latin) Warlike one. (“What’s in a Name?  Surnames of America,” La Reina Rule & William K. Hammond, 1973, Pyramid Book, New York, Page 298.) Martin, Martins, Marten,  Martens, Martyn, Martyns. MedLat Martinus, a diminutive of Martius, from Mars the God of War. (“A Dictionary of English Surnames: The Standard Guide to English Surnames,” R. H. Reaney and R.M. Wilson, 1996, Oxford University Press. Page 300.)

Some of the information here comes from the "Mercer County History - 1984," published by the Mercer County Historical Society, Martin section, Page 141-144. The section is attributed to Margaret Ann Scott, Elizabeth Nichols Arrington, Alice James Martin Moore -- all descendants of Daniel Martin, father of John Martin. 

John Martin Sr. and Susanna Waggoner
John Martin Sr. was born about 1780 in Cumberland County, Pa., a son of Daniel Martin (1758-1824) and Mary Keatley (1756-1848). Suzanna Waggoner was born about 1781 in Montgomery County, Va., a daughter of Adam and Jane Waggoner. John and Suzanna married on 03 Nov 1802 in Montgomery County.*

In 1829, John and Susanna, moved from Giles County, Va., to Athens, Mercer County, W.Va.
John and Suzanna Martin "died on Laurel Creek and are buried in an old cemetery northwest of Laurel Creek." They had 12 children:

1. David Martin (03 Feb 1804, Montgomery Co., Va./18 Dec 1888, Mercer Co., W.Va.) married Hester Ann Shumate, daughter of Harden Shumate and wife Elizabeth Leach. Buried "in the Fanning Cemetery near the Alvis cattle scales above Laurel Creek." (Go to Mystery Photos to view pictures collected by descendant Mary Jane Keatley-Keaton.) 
2. John Martin Jr. (23 Jan 1806-03 June 1887), married Elizabeth Waggoner (18 Aug 1809-27 Sept 1902), daughter of George and Frankie Waggoner. John and Elizabeth "remained in Giles County and were buried near Staffordsville." 
3. Mary "Polly" Martin, born about 1807, married William Blankenship 28 Aug 1827, Giles Co., Va. 
4. Daniel Martin, born about 1809, married Elizabeth Jenks 15 Sept 1835, Giles Co. with William Jenks surety for marriage bond. 
5. Nancy Jane Martin (03 Jan 1811-03 Feb 1876) married Benjamin Fanning (18 Feb 1809-25 June 1900) on 20 Apr 1833. 
6. William C. Martin (1813, Giles Co./02 May 1880, Mercer Co.) married Ann Hearn (born about 1813) on 08 Aug 1835 in Giles Co. William was a minister. 
7. Lorenzo Dow Martin (14 Nov 1814/15 Feb 1888) married Susan Moran Shumate (17 March 1811/22May 1848), daughter of Harden Shumate and wife Elizabeth Leach, on 17 March 1840. Lorenzo married Sarah Pack (01 Nov 1818/10 April 1885), daughter of Loammi Pack and wife Jane Lively, on 11 Apr 1849.  
8. Sarah Martin (born about 1819 in Giles Co.) married Phillip Kinser (son of John and Catherine Kinser) and Jacob Woodall (son of J. and R. Kinser). 
9. Ann Martin (about 1820/April 1855) married George Washington Shumate (25 May 1813/24 April 1855), a son of Harden and Elizabeth Shumate of Monroe County, W.Va. 
10.  Achilles Martin (15 Feb 1822/21 Nov 1912). His name is also seen as Aclis or Acalis. He married Elcy Scott (01 Sept 1824/02 Feb 1873), daughter of Francis Scott and wife Elizabeth Frith. After Elcy's death, he married Elizabeth Meador on 29 Oct 1874. 
11. George W. Martin (30 April 1820/17 Nov 1903) married Nancy Scott (20 May 1820/02 July 1875), daughter of Francis and Elizabeth Scott). George was the youngest child of John and Suzanna. 
12. Adam Martin (born about 1816 in Giles County, Va.) He married Rebecca Scott. (See next section.)

Adam Martin and Rebecca Scott
Adam Martin married Rebecca Scott, daughter of Francis Scott and wife Elizabeth Frith, on 04 Nov 1836 in Giles County. (Two of Adam's brothers also married into the Scott family. Achilles married Elcy Scott and George, Nancy Scott.) 

The 1880 Federal Census lists Adam Martin, 65, a Virginia native (mother born in Virginia/father in Pennsylvania) a widower, living in Plymouth Precinct, Mercer County, W.Va., with his son George B. Martin and family. According to the Find a Grave page for their son William Harvey Martin, Adam and Rebecca Martin are buried in the Martin Family Cemetery, Mercer Co., "on a point of a hill overlooking Laurel Creek. It is on a road that passes through the Athens Cemetery." Find a Grave: Rebecca Scott Martin and Adam Martin

Adam and Rebecca had 10 children: 
  • Alonzo Martin (about 1839). 
  • John FMartin (1840-1923) married Sarah Jane Calloway, daughter of Granville and Susan Calloway, on 18 Aug 1868 in Mercer County, Va. (Marriage record) John and Sarah are buried in Clay Cemetery, Sand Lick, Raleigh County, W.Va. ( Find A Grave Memorial# 19750907 and # 19750901) Their children were: 1. Rebecca V. Martin (1869-). 2. Emma A. Martin (1871-). 3. Granville Adam Martin (1873-1915) 4. Mary E.Martin (1876-1937). 5. John Wesley Martin (03 Jan 1879-24 Apr 1947). John married Eva Mae Tolley (13 Feb 1880-04 Sep 1957), daughter of Callohill Tolley and Paulina Melvina Hale. (Mrs. Martin's obituary.) John and Eva are buried in Sunset Memorial Park, Raleigh Co., W.Va. John and Eva had a son, Robert Lee Martin (20 Dec 1917- 21 Feb 1972). Robert was buried in the Martin (Tolley) Cemetery, Glen Daniels, Raleigh County. (Find A Grave Memorial# 79139003) Robert Lee Martin married Beulah Mae Davidson, daughter of  Horace Litton and Nancy Jane Simpson Martin from Tennessee, and had two sons. 5. Arthur Martin (1881-1946). 6. Oliver Martin (1885-). (Information about the John F. Martin and his children courtesy of Annie Sizemore-Martin.)
  • Joseph SMartin (1843). 
  • William Harvey Martin (1844/20 Jan 1909), married Martha Ann White (24 Oct 1848/20 Apr 1888, daughter of Andrew and Mary, and Mollie Kate Holdren (1867-1963). A biography with a photo of William is on Find a Grave.  The source for William's children is Mercer County (W.Va.) History 1984, Mercer County Historical Society Inc., Princeton, W.Va., Fourth Printing 2014, Page 143.   Children of William and Martha: 1, James M. Martin (1873/1933). James married Mary Ann Burch. 2. Ida Martin (1875/1962) Ida married Fountain "Fount" Wiley. 3. Minnie Martin (1877/1926). She married Cornelious Joel Sloan. 4. Andrew Wesley Martin (1882/1964). Obituary. He married Vadie P. Shrewsbury.. 5. Lucy May Martin (1880/1964). She married Joseph Christopher Hylton. 6. Ada Martin (1882/1882). 7. George Edgar Martin (1888/1969). Obituary. He married Hattie Prichard (1894-1920) Find A Grave Memorial# 22457054, & Beatrice Belcher (1895/1978). Beatrice's obituary.. 8. Worley Martin. (No dates available.) Children of William and Mollie: 9. Russie Martin (1891/1991). Find A Grave 106905741. She married Charles Staunton (1878/1950).. 10. Florence Cleo Martin (1908/1994). Find A Grave 55587609. She married Mr. Huff. 11. Sylvia Martin (1903/1979). She married Albert Monroe Metz  12. Una Bee Martin (1897/1981) She married John Edward Craig. 1932 wedding article. 13. Mabel Martin (1900/?). She married Walter Brown. 14. Annie Martin (1893/1988). She married Charles Stanley. 15. Eugene H. Martin and 16. Hugh French Martin (1905-1981). He married Bernice May Price.

Article about marker for William in the Martin Cemetery, Mercer Co. The Herald Dispatch, Huntington, W.Va., 1964 Sep 2, Page 9(Shared by Mary Lou.) The Martin family and Concord College  The Martin family had a key role in establishment of Concord College -- now Concord University -- at Athens, Mercer County, W.Va. "...on February 28, 1872, the West Virginia Legislature passed 'an Act to locate a Branch State Normal School, in Concord Church, in the County of Mercer.' But land and a building were needed, and no State funds were appropriated. Five families - The Fannings, Frenches, Holroyds, Martins, and Vermillions - principally were responsible for meeting the challenge and getting the school established. Classes started on May 10, 1875, with 70 students." (Source: Concord University, History & Goals, Accessed 11 May 2010.) William Harvey Martin, brother to my great grandmother Emma Martin Gadd, donated six acres of land for the project. When asked what he wanted for the land, William replied just enough calico material to make wife Martha a dress. "When he died (in 1909), classes were dismissed at Concord and the entire student body marched in the funeral procession to show respect." (Source: William's page on Find a Grave, Accessed 11 May 2010.) 

  • Elizabeth Ellen Martin (18 Jan 1846/05 Apr 1911). Elizabeth E. Martin, 21, married Jacob T. Singleton, 22, in 1867 in Mercer County. Jacob was born in Lafayette Co., MIss., to Adam and Winnefred "Winnie" Faircloth Singleton. Jacob was a shoe and bootmaker at the time of his marriage. His 1895 obituary in the Daily Morning Delta, Visalia, California, says he was formerly an engineer at the waterworks.  Marriage record. Elizabeth and Jacob are buried in California: Find A Grave 197423336 and 181726625. They had a daughter, Annie Sarah Singleton PageFind A Grave 197423855
  • George B. Martin Sr. (21 Nov 1848/06 July 1928). He married Mary Adeline Keatley (03 Feb 1852/07 Feb 1934) on 15 Jun 1874. Mary was daughter of John Keatley and wife Susan Harvey. George Sr.'s death record and  Find a Grave page (Martin Family Cemetery, Mercer Co.) Mary Keatley Martin'sobituary  death record. and Find a Grave page (Athens Cemetery, Mercer Co.) “History of the Keatley Family” by Mary Jane Keatley-Keaton has some biographical information about George Sr. He taught for 30 years and served as deputy sheriff of Plymouth District in Mercer Co. during the term of Sheriff James White. In 1912 George served as deputy assessor for Plymouth District. His niece Emma Stella Gadd had a booklet  written by George B. Martin: "The Bent Mountain Murder." Mary and George Sr. had nine children: 1. Laura Adeline Martin, born 13 June 1875 in Athens, Mercer Co., married John Luther McClaugherty, 09 Jan 1877, Mercer Co., son of Joseph H. and Evaline McClaugherty in 1898 in West Virginia. The marriage record at West Virginia Vital Research Records says the bride and groom were both 21 but that's in conflict with their birth years and his first name is wrong. Link to birth record for John L. McClaugherty. Laura died in Memorial Hospital, Princeton, W.Va., 22 Oct 1954. Death certificate. 2. Luther Van Buren Martin, 23,  (03 Feb 1877/09 April 1955) married Ethel Hale McClaugherty, 18, (21 Aug 1883/01 March 1971), daughter of Joseph and Evaline, in 1901 in Mercer Co. Link to marriage record. Link to Mr. Martin's death certificate. According to information on Find a Grave, Luther and Ethel Martin are interred in Athens Cemetery, Mercer Co. Luther Martin and Ethel had 12 children. (Information shared by Melissa M.) They were: Gertrude Virginia Martin, born 18 Jan 1903; died 26 Jan 1984. Hattie Lee Martin, born 16 Aug 1904; died 17 Sep 1981 in Winston-Salem, Forsyth Co., N.C. Anna Agnes Martin, born 27 Nov 1905; died 12 Aug 1906. Hazel Brown Martin, born 12 Apr 1907; died 10 Jun 1995. Maude McClaugherty Martin, born 24 Sep 1909; died 28 Oct 1990. Mary Evelyn Martin, born 15 Jul 1911; died 16 Nov 1987. Frank B. Martin, born 24 Jun 1913; died 27 Nov 1969. Melissa Ruth Martin, born 04 Jul 1915; died 26 Feb 1995 in Athens, Mercer Co., W.Va. Luther Wilson Martin, born 12 May 1918. Clara Sue Martin, born 22 Aug 1920; died 05 Mar 1962. Wanda Maxine Martin, born 17 Mar 1923.  3. Robert Fulton Martin (1878/1881). Source: The Mercer County (W.Va.) History, two volumes: 1984 and 1987. 4. Cora A. Martin. Born 27 Nov 1882 in West Virginia (1900 U.S. census: Plymouth District (Magisterial), Mercer Co., W.Va., and Social Security Death Index) and died Jan 1975 (SS Death Index). In 1914, Cora, 32, born in Mercer Co., married John K. Alvis, 34, born in Mercer Co., son of John H. Alvis and wife Josephine HaleMarriage record at W.Va. Vital Research Records. John K. Alvis (1880-1961): death record online and obituary for John Keenan AlvisJosephine Hale Alvis - 1937 death certificate. 5. Arthur Lee Martin (16 Feb 1884/04 Mar 1962), married Maude Snead (21 Sept 1884/28 Dec 1975) Mr. Martin's birthdate from The Mercer County History.Birthdate for Mrs. Martin from the Social Security Death Index; death date from obituary. Marriage record. They had two daughters and two sons. Maude Snead Martin's obituary. Arthur Lee Martin's obituary6. Albert Watson Martin (10 Sept 1885/23 Jan 1928), married Rowena Dobbins. They had five children, according to The Mercer County History.* Albert Watson Martin's death certificate7. George B. Martin Jr., was born in 1888, a twin to Lotus, according to The Mercer County History.* Birth record. His birth record lists 08 July 1888. He was born at home.  8. Lotus M. Martin (08 July 1888/05 April 1948), never married. Birth record. Twin brother to George Jr., according to The Mercer County History.* According to his death certificate and news articles, Lotus died after being struck by an automobile. He was a farmer and a World War I veteran who served on the Mexican border and in Europe. The 1920 U.S. census lists Lotus at the Camp Harry H. Jones Military Post, Douglas Precinct, Cochise Co., Arizona. The 1930 U.S. census and a 1948 article about his death has Lotus living with brother Perry in Mercer County. Hit-Run Auto Kills Athens Man: State Police Seek Death Car.  Jury Convicts Hit-Run Driver (excerpt from article)  9. Edgar Perry R. Martin (02 Feb 1891/10 May 1972) married Letha Mae Hazelwood (born 1905). Perry and Letha seven children. Three of the seven died in infancy, according to The Mercer County History.* Note: The Mercer County History has his birthdate as 08 Feb 1891. The Social Security Index and his World War I and II draft cards list 02 Feb 1891. A 1948 article about the death of his brother Lotus says that Perry was a former justice of the peace. 
  • Cynthia M. Martin (1850/07 Sept 1853, Mercer Co., W.Va.). Cynthia died before age 3 of "flux." (Online lists of "old diseases" define flux as "dysentery" or an "excessive flow or discharge of fluid like hemorrhage or diarrhea.") Link to death record.
  • Sara SMartin (25 March 1856?). Sarah, 35, married William M. Foster, 40, son of Richard and Zilthia Foster, in 1889 in Mercer County, W.Va. He was a widower. Marriage record - Line 17.
  • Lewis H. Martin (1859). 

A visitor to West Virginia Memories has shared a link to a Google book with information about the Martins. “West Virginia and Its People, Vol. III” by Thomas Condit Miller and Hu Maxwell, Lewis Historical Publishing Co., New York, 1911. (Thank you, Mary Lou.)

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